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Hand expression is an incredibly useful skill that every lactating parent should know! It helps to get to know your body and can be useful for things like - colostrum collecting before the birth of baby, relief of engorgement, expressing some drops to tempt on a reluctant baby, using those drops for the ultimate nipple care, removing milk in an emergency situation or when a pump is not available, and more! Check out this beautiful video...


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  • Writer's pictureJennie Meyer

I am so excited to announce that I have completed this advanced training for IBCLCs! I consider myself a lifelong learner and am pleased to have extra tools in my toolbox for helping families work with their babies before and after releases of oral restrictions, such as tongue ties. I am looking forward to continued collaboration with related specialists, such as bodyworkers and pediatric dentists, to ensure families are in the best hands for the best outcomes!

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