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relaxed parent feeding baby mother's milk at the breast

"Jennie was super helpful in my first few days, weeks and months of motherhood as our night doula. She helped us with breastfeeding, pumping and educating us on maintaining my milk supply. Thanks to Jennie I have been able to feed my daughter exclusively breast milk. We would absolutely hire Jennie again!" - Leslie

"Jennie's help and breastfeeding support was invaluable and I think changed the course of our breastfeeding experience with our first born. We had heard horror stories from so many friends about how hard and painful learning to breastfeed is, and we are so happy and fortunate to have avoided a lot of the common pitfalls. I firmly believe that much of our positive experience can be attributed to having Jennie’s counsel from day 1, to guide us through all the transitions in the early weeks. Jennie’s future families are very lucky to have her."

- Samantha

"Jennie helped me with postpartum support including breastfeeding my second baby.  I struggled with my firstborn, so it was very reassuring to have her to offer guidance and suggestions.  She is calm and patient in her approach, I never felt judged, and she helped ease my anxiety around breastfeeding.  Jennie really listens, and provides tailored suggestions to suit you and your baby’s needs.  I highly recommend Jennie to all moms!" 

- Laura

lesbian parents with newborn and older child

"It was a joy working with Jennie. She was knowledgeable about the challenges new moms face when trying to implement their desired feeding choices with their newborns. She did not “push” any method, and rather tailored her approach to fit mom and baby. It was clear that her main objective was to help meet mom’s goals and to alleviate anxieties along the way. I would highly recommend 4thTrimester Baby!" - Elise


Jennie really came to my rescue after I was experiencing pain and difficulty with breastfeeding. I truly believe that if she had not come in those early days our breastfeeding journey may have ended prematurely. She provided great advice and education on various breastfeeding positions and changes that helped relieve some of my pain. In addition we were able to diagnose a tongue and lip tie due to her experience which helped tremendously. Jennie made herself available to us with any questions and concerns outside of our appointments which made me feel like I had constant support through out our journey. We would highly recommend Jennie! - Monika

Jennie saved my life when my newborn was on a nursing “strike”. I’m a new mom, I was overwhelmed, anxious, and upset that my daughter wasn’t eating. She was also jaundice and needed to gain weight. With Jennie’s help we were able to find some solutions and now my baby girl is gaining weight like a champ! I’ll be reaching back out to Jennie for my return to work for guidance with pumping. Thanks Jennie! - Anna

Jennie from 4th Trimester Baby was extremely helpful for me after I had my first baby. I booked an appointment for the day after we brought our baby home from the hospital. I'd suggest that the earlier you're able to book an appointment after having a baby, the better. Don't wait because it's better not to develop any bad habits. I was really worried that my baby wasn't eating enough, and Jennie was able to help me to feel more confident that he was actually getting the milk he needed. She also helped me find a new position that worked much better for us than what I had been shown in the hospital. My baby has been steadily gaining weight and breastfeeding has gotten so much easier since our appointment. She's an all around great resource, and I'd highly recommend Jennie and 4th Trimester Baby! - Brooke

Working with Jennie has been an absolute pleasure and extremely helpful to our family! We were so grateful when we were connected with her through The Lactation Network as we were in a bit of an emergency situation with our newborn and needed a lactation consultant appointment same day, in-home, and in line with our vaccination preferences. Jennie immediately brought a calm to our worries when she arrived with her open and nurturing approach to breastfeeding. She was thorough and hands on and explained everything she taught us in a way that we could easily follow. She always welcomed our questions or concerns. After overcoming our initial issue, I scheduled more 'maintenance' follow up consultations with her to review new breastfeeding positions and how to introduce pumping and bottles in my and my son's feeding routine. Scheduling was easy via her site, and she was exceptionally responsive to any questions that came up in between appointments via her secure chat. With all of the worries and unknowns that come with being a first time mom, having Jennie as a resource brought some much needed peace of mind. - Brittany


Jennie provided invaluable, compassionate help during my first week postpartum when I was struggling to breastfeed and feeling completely exhausted and overwhelmed. She thoroughly interviewed me about my lactation habits and concerns, and provided prompt, detailed care plans with clear steps for me and my partner to follow. Thanks to her insight and referrals, we were able to follow up with a specialist to address my baby’s tongue tie, which had been missed by multiple pediatricians, and had been causing me a ton of pain while nursing. He is now nursing much more effectively, my pain went from 8/10 to virtually nonexistent, and my milk supply is gradually increasing after following her care plan. During what was easily the most overwhelming and difficult week of my life, Jennie provided knowledgeable, compassionate care and encouragement that made it possible for me to continue breastfeeding! - Maddie

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