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The Early Days - Off To A Good Start

Let's talk about "Latch and Positioning"

Here are some common tips that I share in nearly every consult!

(these are often in a cross-cradle, slightly laid back position,

or two favorite positions to teach!)

Tuck that bottom arm under/around the breast, so baby can give you a "hug" and get tucked in nice and close for a good deep latch!

Turn baby on their side, tummy to tummy with you.

Look for alignment from ear to shoulder to hip.

Tuck in from between the shoulder blades vs from the head. Tucking the head in tends to tuck the chin in...try swallowing like that? Kinda tricky, huh? Not to mention that baby has an instinct to push back...sometimes leading to a lot of popping on and off the breast...not fun! If you tuck in between the shoulder blades, the head tips back and the nose clears. This helps baby get a deeper latch!

Watch future blog posts for more tips and tricks!

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