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One of my favorite positions to teach in a consult is side-lying! Nursing in this position is so relaxing for both parent and baby. It's not as intimidating as many believe, and reduces the amount of fumbling with pillows/awkward holds. The surface supports the breast and the baby, so it can also be hands-free. Give it a try!

  • Writer's pictureJennie Meyer

Does your baby have a period of the day where they seem to be eating non-stop? Welcome to cluster feeding, and rest assured, this is normal!

If baby seems to be cluster feeding 24/7 (vs a chunk of the day), please do reach out for extra assistance!

  • Writer's pictureJennie Meyer

If ever any doubt about the proper storage of breastmilk, the CDC is a great resource, as it should be regularly updated if/when new science comes to the table. Take a look!

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