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Oftentimes, parents mention to be that their babies NEVER WANT TO BE PUT DOWN! Let me assure you that this is really, really, really normal, especially in the 4th trimester ;) These babies don't understand that they are their own person/entity, and being held and cuddled feels like "home" to them. I am a huge advocate of "babywearing," which is using a soft or structured carrier to tie or buckle baby on...leading to your hands being free and a content baby who may sleep longer between feeds. This is such a wonderful way for partners to help as well ;)


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The postpartum period can be quite challenging for some, and I want everyone to know that there is specific support for things like anxiety and depression during this time. Even if you see a therapist regularly, and have since before baby came into your life, these resources can still be so helpful. Please don't be afraid to seek extra help!


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Once baby is breastfeeding well, many families want to introduce a bottle. A great time is between 3 weeks to 6 weeks of age, and can be a small amount once a day or a few times a week, just for practice! Baby should sit upright and be paced fed, and ideally use a bottle nipple like pictured above to best mimic and go back and forth seamlessly between breast and bottle!

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